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Support and advice for businesses

The Good Business Charter

Kingston Council has been accredited to the Good Business Charter since 2021, recognising its commitment to high quality employment responsibility, environmental standards, engaging suppliers and customer service.

Many people believe in a fairer society and want to work for and purchase from  organisations that are ethical and responsible. At the current time it is almost impossible to  know which those organisations are. The Good Business Charter seeks to provide a clear  accreditation to recognise those businesses operating responsibly. 

The Good Business Charter (GBC) is a simple accreditation which organisations in the UK can sign up to in recognition of responsible business practices. Companies are measured on ten key components:

1. Real living wage 
2. Fairer hours and contracts 
3. Employee well-being  
4. Employee representation 
5. Diversity and inclusion 
6. Environmental responsibility 
7. Pay fair tax 
8. Commitment to customers 
9. Ethical sourcing  
10. Prompt payment 

The Good Business Charter is open to all businesses regardless of size or structure. It is also  open to charities and the public sector which are measured against nine components  (because the tax component is not applicable). A company must meet commitments in each of these 10 areas to receive GBC accreditation (9 for charities/public sector). 
There is no joining fee and the first year's membership is free with only nominal costs thereafter. 
It is simple and streamlined with accreditation done through online self-certification (but with rigorous monitoring and enforcement).  Kingston Council wants to inspire as many businesses as possible to sign up and change their business behaviour where necessary, which we believe will in turn will encourage fair employment and good business practice across the borough.  
Find out more and sign up at

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