Building control charges

Building Control Charges Schedule

You can determine the fee for your project by:

The amount you’ll need to pay depends on the type of work you’re going to do. 

You’ll need to pay your building control charge after you’ve submitted your application. This payment covers all of our checks and site inspections. 

Full Plans applications and Building Notice applications

The total will be the same whether it’s a full plan or a building notice application.

Charges for most residential and small-scale commercial projects can be found in either Tables A, B, C, or D of the Building Control Charges schedule. 

Regularisation applications

The Regularisation charge for most residential and small-scale commercial projects can be found in either Tables A, B, C, or D of the Building Control Charges schedule.

Individually Determined Charge

Any works that are not listed within the Building Control Charges Schedule are eligible for an Individually Determined Charge. 

Check if an Individually Determined Charge applies to you

You might want to request an individually assessed charge if:

Complex projects 

You feel that the fee is unfairly high because:

  • the work you’re doing falls within our standard charging criteria, but

  • there are many elements to the work

Large scale projects 

You are planning a large-scale project that does not fall within our standard charging criteria. 

Request an individually determined charge

You can fill in the online form 'Request an individually assessed charge with details of the works being proposed to allow us to provide you with a highly competitive cost.

How we decide the charge 

When we decide the charge, we take into account some or all of the factors listed in paragraph (5) of Regulation 7(8) of The Building (Local Authority) Charges Regulations 2010

We’ll write to you with our decision and how we made it. 


You are exempt from paying charges where the work is to provide disabled access or facilities to a building.


In exceptional circumstances, where the amount of work we do is significantly more or less than the original estimate, we’ll either issue a refund or make a supplementary charge.

If you pay a charge but the work isn’t carried out, we’ll consider a refund request looking at the costs we’ve incurred. However, we will have to charge you a minimum administration fee of £50.

Supplementary charges

When work under the supervision of a private sector building control body reverts to our Building Services control before satisfactory completion, a Reversion Charge is payable which we will individually assess.

Request or direction to provide assistance to the Building Safety Regulator

Where works are to be controlled by the Building Safety Regulator (BSR) as per the Building Safety Act 2022, it will recover costs for, and in connection, with the performance of its chargeable activities, including the costs incurred from the assistance of relevant authorities and other third parties.

Relevant Authorities, including Local Authorities, will support the BSR in the performance of its chargeable functions at the BSR’s request or direction.

The BSR will then reimburse or remunerate relevant authorities and third parties for the work it asked for or directed.

The reimbursement rates applicable to the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames’ Building Control service by the BSR are available upon request and are subject to annual review. 

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