Kingston's Biodiversity Action Plan

A hedgehog in a field

A Biodiversity Action Plan sets out in detail the type of habitats and species which are of priority within Kingston and how they will be protected and enhanced. 

Our Biodiversity Action Plan will benefit the community by protecting and enhancing our local habitats and the species they contain, thereby improving the natural environment.

Kingston Council is committed to delivering against both the climate emergency and the ecological emergency. The plan states that we will support, develop and empower community activity to increase nature conservation projects, develop further tree planting and rewilding schemes and deliver a new Biodiversity Action Plan through the biodiversity partnership. Kingston Council is dedicated to implementing planning guidance to enhance biodiversity in new developments. 

Kingston's Biodiversity Action Plan 

Habitat Actions Plans
Habitat Action Plans (HAPs) focus on the dominant habitat types found within the borough.These plans promote the conservation, enhancement and expansion of these areas. By achieving the targets and recommendations within the HAP, we will secure positive outcomes for the species that depend on them.

Kingston’s Habitat Action Plans

Species Action Plans
Species Action Plans promote conservation and protection of specific species within the borough. We will use these species as ambassadors for nature, helping to raise awareness amongst council officers and the general public about the incredible species that can be found in Kingston. They will also serve as ‘’umbrella species’’, and the conservation measures adopted to protect them will also support the conservation of a host of other creatures. 

Kingston’s Species Action Plans

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