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Hazardous waste

Hazardous waste is waste that is considered harmful to human health or the environment. Sometimes you might have waste like this to get rid of and it is important to do it safely. We cannot accept this type of waste in your waste or recycling containers or at the tip.

Arrange a collection from your home

Kingston residents can get the items below collected from their home by arranging a collection with the City of London Hazardous Waste Service . You can ask them to collect:

  • asbestos
  • chemicals
  • oil based paints or varnishes

You can arrange a collection by email or telephone: 020 7332 3433. Some charges for collection may apply so please check when you contact City of London.

Please note, the Council are charged for every collection booked with City of London so it might not be economical to arrange a collection for one or two pots of paint.

Get a private company to take it for you

Some private companies offer collections of hazardous waste but it is important you check they are licensed to carry and dispose of hazardous waste before you employ them.

The company should:

  • be licensed as a waste carrier
  • have a consignment notice
  • give you a copy of the of the consignment note once they have removed your waste.

The Environment Agency website gives more information and has a record of all registered waste carriers.

Ask the supplier to remove the waste for you

Gas bottles can be returned to the supplier and tyres can often be given back to the company that supply your new ones.

REMEMBER: Hazardous waste is harmful to human health and the environment and must be handled with care. Disposing of this waste unlawfully is extremely serious and can lead to a fine of up to £50,000, imprisonment or both.

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