Tell us about a change in circumstances

If you receive Housing Benefit or Council Tax Reduction you must tell us if something changes for you, your partner or those living with you, for example:

  • entitlement to a benefit changes or ends
  • a pay rise or other changes to income
  • a new benefit or income not included on your application
  • starting or stopping work
  • a change in savings, assets, property or capital
  • if you rent privately and the rent changes
  • if you move address
  • if anyone moves in or out of your home
  • if you go away from home for more than 4 weeks
  • if your immigration status changes
  • you are no longer entitled to claim
  • you no longer wish to claim

Under the Social Security Administration (Fraud) Act 1997 it is a criminal offence to fail to notify a change of circumstances dishonestly or without reasonable cause.

You should tell us about the change as soon as possible and within one month or you may lose benefit. Do not rely on the Department for Work and Pensions or your landlord to tell us about any changes. If you are not sure whether the change affects your benefits – tell us anyway. It is better to be sure.

Tell us about a change

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