Mistakes and overpayments


Housing Benefit overpayments

If you have been paid too much Housing Benefit we will write to you and explain:

  • why you were paid too much benefit
  • how much you were overpaid
  • how it was calculated
  • if you have to repay the overpayment
  • what to do if you do not agree with our decision
  • how the overpayment can be repaid

Paying back the overpayment - Housing benefit

When you have been overpaid Housing Benefit we have the right to decide who to reclaim the overpayment from. We will either:

  • take deductions from your ongoing benefit entitlement; or
  • send you an invoice and ask you to repay the amount; or
  • send an invoice to your landlord and ask them to repay the amount. 

If you have received an invoice you can make a payment. Sometimes we ask you to repay the overpayment even where your landlord was paid the benefit. We have the right to decide who to reclaim the overpayment from.

Make a payment

If we have sent you an invoice and you cannot afford to repay the amount in full please complete a request for benefit repayment plan.

Request for benefit repayment plan

If you need help with managing your money or dealing with debt there are organisations who can help you. You may wish to seek assistance from the Money Advice Service and/or the National Debt Line.

Set up a Direct Debit Online

To request a Direct Debit setup please complete the pdf download below and return the document to:

Revenues Team - HBOP, Royal Borough of Kingston, Guildhall 2, Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey, KT1 1EU

Set up a Direct Debit

Council Tax Reduction overpayments

When you have received too much Council Tax reduction we add the overpaid amount to your Council account and send you a new Council Tax bill. Your regular instalments will be increased as shown on the bill.

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