Benefits Advice and Support

Income maximisation team

The income maximisation team primarily assists people affected by the benefit cap and the "bedroom tax" to claim Discretionary Housing Payments (DHP) to cover the shortfall in their rent.

The team further assists those affected to become exempt from the cap, through applying for other benefits, moving, working or gaining employment.

The team carries out home visits where necessary. It has made links with other institutions in the borough and seeks to extend these to raise the profile of the team and awareness of the work that it carries out to sustain tenancies and prevent homelessness.

If you are affected by the benefit cap or the bedroom tax and you are struggling to manage this shortfall in your benefits then please contact The income maximisation team". 

This team will be able to offer you advice and assist you in applying for Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP) to finance the shortfall, partially or in full temporarily.The application takes the form of an interview and documents need to be presented.

As well as helping you with the DHP application, the team can help you maximise your income by checking if you receive all your entitlement, and discussing options to improve your financial situation. Interviews are conducted via the telephone and documents are exchanged via email. If necessary home visits can be organised for vulnerable clients.

Phone: 0208 547 6702 (these calls are re-directed to team members' work mobiles)


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