Things to do and travel

Things to do in Kingston

Kingston is a beautiful part of London with plenty of activities, cultural attractions and more.

Events and attractions in London

  • Timeout is a website that will tell you all about the latest events and activities in London. Visit
  • Visit London has a list of the top 10 attractions in London:
  • Visit Britain is the official tourism website of Great Britain. It will give you an overview of the main attractions and events in the UK

Transport in Kingston and London

Journey planning across London is easy using Transport for London’s journey planner. It gives you options for walking, cycling and cycle hire, as well as public transport. 

There are several apps available for tracking bus times, for example, London Live Bus Countdown.

The easiest way to pay for public transport in London is to get an Oyster Card. Paying for public transport in London is cheapest and quickest by using an Oystercard. You can pick one up from most stations. 

The Kingston Council website also has information about local walking routes and public transport.

Nationwide travel

For national trains or buses, tickets are usually much cheaper if bought in advance.

You can check out the National Express website where you can book coach journeys to travel from one city or town to another. But, we advise that you inform your housing manager if you will be travelling for an overnight stay. You can view the website here: .

Times and ticket prices vary across the UK. You can find out more information on the National Rail website: or at your local train or bus station.

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