Reimagining Kingston Town Centre's Streets and Spaces Strategy

Reimagining Kingston Town Centre’s Streets and Spaces is a strategy. It focuses on developing new ideas for how streets and public spaces can contribute towards a successful, vibrant and inclusive town centre which supports the delivery of good growth. This strategy is a culmination of strategic priorities and projects that have evolved through co-development, observations, conversations and workshops with various local stakeholders. 

The strategy includes recommendations for introducing new activities to the town centre, which support evening activation, and promote public engagement with local assets. In combination the projects form a cohesive strategy and vision, which support the key strategic objectives for Kingston Town Centre. 

The strategy was commissioned through a collaboration between Kingston Council, Kingston First, Kingston University and the Mayor of London. Through a co-design process the project has brought together the views and priorities of each stakeholder partner to provide a unified voice for the delivery of change in Kingston Town Centre.

The strategy should be used to inform funding bids within the town centre.

This strategy was endorsed at Kingston Town Neighbourhood Committee on 5th November as an evidence base for future funding opportunities. 

Guiding principles and strategic priorities

The strategy includes a set of guiding principles which provide key aims for achieving good growth by design in Kingston Town Centre. This includes empowering local people to take ownership of delivering change, making better places by improving the environment of streets and spaces, and supporting the growth and prosperity of the town centre.

The strategy also establishes five spatial strategic priorities for streets and spaces within Kingston Town Centre which reflect the key challenges and opportunities highlighted during the stakeholder engagement.

The projects within this strategy each support these guiding principles and strategic priorities for the town centre.

Who is it for and how can I get involved?

Help us to transform Kingston Town Centre’s streets and spaces to be filled with public life and activity for everyone. We are looking for enthusiastic individuals groups or organisations to collaborate with, to deliver projects for positive change in the town centre.

The strategy is a tool to be used by both local groups and key stakeholders interested in co-delivering projects within Kingston Town Centre’s streets and spaces. The projects vary from Small Projects to Big Projects; small ‘quick wins’ such as delivering community activities, events and public artwork, to big or large-scale regeneration projects which significantly transform streets and spaces in the town centre.

The varied scale of projects allow both small groups and larger institutions to deliver change in the town centre. The ‘Making it Happen’ section of the strategy provides advice and first steps about how to get involved in taking projects forward.

More information

There is a wealth of resources available to help you contextualise your project in local or regional agendas. Resources, collaborates and best practice guides are noted within the strategy under the ‘Making it Happen’ and ‘More Information’ sections. These will build your confidence and help you develop a successful project.

If you would like to know anything about the strategy please email

Please download the interactive document to find out more about the background of the work, the potential projects and learn how to bring projects to life.

Reimagining Kingston Town Centre's Streets & Spaces


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