Apply for a vehicle crossing/dropped kerb

Dropped kerbs, vehicle crossings and driveways

Creating your own parking

Sometimes vehicles need to be able to park somewhere closer to a property if parking on the road is a problem. But it's illegal for a vehicle to be driven across a pavement and parked in a converted front garden. Instead the property owner has to apply to us for approval to build a vehicle crossing. This includes a 'dropped kerb', which allows the vehicle to pass from the road to the driveway.

If the road is classified, the crossing will be built in front of flats, or there is no sustainable drainage, you'll have to apply for planning permission first.

Make an application

You can apply for a vehicle crossover by downloading the application form and posting this to us with a cheque for £126. This is an administration fee - it is not refunded if we refuse your application.

Things to know before applying:

  • if the building is or was owned by us, you'll have to get written permission to park a vehicle from the housing department
  • if we agree with your application, we'll tell you how much the crossing will cost, where it should be positioned and how large it should be
  • if you have to move a streetlamp or a signpost, there are extra charges - if there is a cable TV inspection cover, Virgin Media will have to strengthen this, also at a cost
  • when you've completed your crossing, we'll come and inspect it to ensure it meets our standards
  • we own and control the crossing and are responsible for its future maintenance
  • you can pay either in full or in ten equal instalments (individuals only)

You can read more in guidance for applying for a vehicle crossing

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