Breaches of planning control

How do I complain and what will happen?

You need to make a formal complaint if you would like us to investigate a development.

Though we never reveal the identity of any complainant we appreciate that a developer may work it out for themselves. In some cases it can be fairly obvious and the prospect of making a formal complaint can make people uncomfortable.

For this reason we have made it as easy as we can for residents to establish whether they have a valid complaint or not before they proceed to formally make one.

You should take your time reading through the information within these pages and within the section ‘When do I need planning permission?’. You should also check whether planning permission has been granted.

You can then find out about the relevant planning regulations discreetly, in your own time, and without any record being created.

What happens if I make a formal complaint?

If a breach of planning control has taken place our Planning Enforcement team will try to negotiate an informal resolution. It is not normally a crime to breach planning control. So we may ask for:

  • a retrospective planning application
  • remedial works be carried out

If we cannot reach a positive resolution through these informal negotiations, we may take formal action. We only take formal action where it is needed to prevent harm and to support our planning policies.

How to make a formal complaint 

No matter what the impact may be, we can only use planning enforcement powers to control or prevent a development if it needs planning permission.

If you have read:

  • our guidance within this section
  • further guidance on the Planning Portal

and you believe that a breach of planning control has been made you can make a formal complaint using our online form.

Completing the online form

You are able to attach photographs or other documents to the form as part of your complaint. Please include as much information as you can – it may help us to move your complaint forward quickly.

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