Kingston Safeguarding Adults Board

Safeguarding Adults Board Sub Groups

The Board meets quarterly and undertakes its work through its various groups and working parties.

Kingston Vulnerable Adults Multi Agency Panel (KVAMA)

Any partner can make a referral to the panel of situations which have already been considered within partner agencies risk assessment processes and there remains a significant risk.  All referrals are to be made on the Referral Form and sent securely via email to KVAMA 10 days prior to the panel meeting to allow screening of the referral and to set an agenda.

Referral Form

The Panel meets monthly to consider high risk, complex cases where the initial Safeguarding Adults Procedure and its associated policies have been unable to reduce or alleviate the risk(s).  It will provide a clear and comprehensive review of multi-agency risk assessment and management plans; the panel will discuss the referrals and agree a risk mitigation plan.  A lead organisation will be assigned to co-ordinate multi-agency work and to report back on progress.

It is co-chaired by the Corporate Head of Service for Safeguarding and the Corporate Head of Service for Mental Health.  Membership includes Corporate Head of Service for Housing & Community, Corporate Head of Service for Learning Disability, Safeguarding Adults Senior Practitioner as well as representation from partner agencies: Your Healthcare, London Fire Brigade, Kingston Hospital.

Safeguarding Adults Review Sub Group

The SAR Sub Group was developed to oversee the Board's response to the Section 44 of the Care Act (2014) requirement to hold a Safeguarding Adults Review when an adult dies where abuse or neglect may have occurred.

It is chaired by a DCI from the Metropolitan Police and attended by Senior Officers designated by the 3 statutory partners.  The SAR Sub Group meets quarterly.

The SAR Sub Group has evaluated and reviewed our Local Safeguarding Adults Protocol and included a MSP focus on the involvement of the relevant person or their family and friends in the SAR process. 

Communication and Engagement Sub Group

The Communication and Engagement Sub Group raises public awareness of safeguarding and how to act on concerns about abuse and neglect. It is chaired by a CCG representative and meets on a quarterly basis.

Membership includes representation from the statutory partner agencies, Your Healthcare, South West London & St Georges Mental Health Trust, KVA and the local authority. 

Training Sub Group

The Training Sub Group meets quarterly and addresses training and workforce development issues that arise and are best addressed through SAB members' input. It also works on specific projects relating to training on behalf of the SAB.

It is chaired by a Healthwatch Kingston representative and meets quarterly. Membership includes representation from the statutory partner agencies, Your Healthcare, South West  London & St Georges Mental Health Trust, Kingston CCG, Kingston & Richmond Safeguarding Children's Partnership and the local authority.

Joint Intelligence Group (JIG)

Purpose of JIG

The purpose of the Joint Intelligence Group (JIG) is to report on and manage quality and risk across the whole care market  in Kingston.  This group will help report on any issues and concerns, manage risks in the market place and support good practice in quality and delivery. 

The aim of the JIG

This is a multi-disciplinary group with a scope across Kingston and commissioned provision:

  • Quality Management - managing the quality of provision across Kingston
  • Information Sharing - sharing knowledge on the market 
  • Performance Monitoring - monitoring the marketing and individual provider performance
  • Risk Management - highlighting known risks in the community and mitigating their impact on services 
  • Escalation of issues with regards to provider concerns that are posing potential risks to Kingston residents receiving support

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