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What's accepted at the recycling centre

All items must be your own household waste (day-to-day rubbish or recycling from your home or garden). Please sort your materials before your visit. 

For reuse:

Where possible, items in good reusable condition should be donated for reuse. The following can be donated for reuse:

  • Clothing and paired shoes
  • Furniture
  • Electronics and appliances
  • Bicycles
  • Books

For recycling:

  • paper and magazines (including shredded paper)  
  • card and cardboard
  • plastic bottles and household plastic containers  
  • rigid plastics (eg toys, garden furniture, plant pots)*  
  • glass bottles and jars  
  • food and drink cans  
  • scrap metal  
  • green garden waste (no animal bedding)  
  • wood
  • textiles in non-reusable condition; bedding; towels and cloths
  • engine oil  
  • cooking oil  
  • car and domestic batteries  
  • fluorescent tubes and long-life bulbs  
  • broken electricals & appliances
  • soil and rubble
  • plasterboard  
  • bric a brac
  • liquid food and drinks cartons
  • lawnmowers and garden machinery (please discharge all oil and petrol first, if applicable)
  • mattresses*
  • carpets*

*recycled where possible.

For disposal:

  • non-recyclable household waste
  • water based paint (with the lid off and the paint dried) 

What you can’t take:

  • asbestos
  • chemicals
  • gas bottles
  • oil based paints or varnishes
  • tyres - please take these to local garages

Please see our Hazardous Waste page for information on how to deal with these items. 

Gas bottles should be returned to the supplier. Tyres can often be disposed of with the company that supplies your new tyres.

Commercial waste

We cannot accept commercial waste or trade waste. This includes:

  • waste resulting from any form of employment or commercial enterprise.
  • waste from any property other than from your own home
  • waste created from contractors working in your own home
  • vehicle parts and tyres
  • construction waste

DIY waste restrictions

You are able to bring six rubble bags full of DIY waste per visit. This includes: 

  • bricks
  • timber 
  • tiles
  • plasterboard
  • soil
  • paving stones
  • fixtures and fittings such as baths, sinks, boilers and radiators etc

All other construction waste is considered commercial waste and isn't accepted at the recycling centre. If you have a large amount of this type of waste to dispose of, you should consider hiring a skip or paying a registered waste carrier to remove it for you and dispose of it at a licensed facility.

You can book a slot on the Villiers road recycling page

Last Modified: 19/06/2021 15:13:36