Road safety and considerate travel

How we improve road safety

We work to reduce road casualties within the borough through training, education and awareness initiatives. We work with everyone but focus on vulnerable road users such as pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists, school children and the elderly.

Our transport plan sets out how we overcome some of the current transport problems that affect us locally and fits into a London-wide transport strategy. We aim to improve road safety, public transport, cycling and walking facilities. For more information on our transport plan see our Sustainable Transport Supplementary Planning Document.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) and the Government's THINK! website both provide advice and information on road safety, including:

  • young drivers 
  • vehicle safety
  • horse riders  
  • motorcycling  
  • cycling  
  • policies for driving as part of your work

School crossing patrols

We provide schools in the borough with a Crossing Patrol person - someone to help you and your children cross busy roads.

Drivers who do not stop for the School Crossing Patrol Stop sign may be fined £1,000 and gain three penalty points on their licence.

We look for the best way to help pedestrians - for example, it may be more helpful to install traffic calming measures rather than providing a School Crossing Patrol. 

Junior road safety officers in schools 

Every year, pupils in year six of each junior and primary school across the borough can become junior road safety officers - helping to promote sustainable travel and road safety. The scheme runs alongside Transport for London's Junior Road Safety Officer scheme. Chosen pupils help by distributing newsletters and posters, running assemblies and competitions with our support.

Junior citizens 

The junior citizen scheme helps children in year six move from primary school to secondary school. The scheme runs every January for two weeks. The road safety section looks at distractions, high visibility clothing and cycle safety. The scheme is supported by community agencies, the Metropolitan Police and Fire Rescue Service.

Children's Traffic Club

The Children's Traffic Club is a road safety education scheme run by Transport for London for three and four year olds. It helps parents teach children basic road safety skills.

Role play equipment for play groups

Nurseries and play groups can contact us on the details below to borrow our road safety play equipment to help young children learn the importance of being safe on and near the roads.

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