Personal Budgets

What is a personal budget?

Is a sum of money that has been calculated by Kingston Council to cover your eligible social care needs, based upon an assessment of your requirements and the support you need to live a safe, healthy, and independent life. 

Eligibility to receive a Personal Budget - 

If you are over 18, live in the borough of Kingston and have or can confirm; 

  • Difficulties with illness or getting older 
  • Sight, hearing or physical impairment 
  • Mental health difficulties 
  • A learning disability 
  • Drug or alcohol problems 
  • Long-term health problems 
  • A need to stay safe and free from harm 
  • You’re a carer supporting someone to keep independent, safe and well 
  • Specific needs which are eligible for social care support.

To apply for a Personal budget you will have to undergo a financial assessment to work out your financial contribution.

Applying for a Personal Budget

 Receiving a personal budget is dependent on your own unique set of circumstances, and your care requirements. We help you set this out with one of our social care team who will carry out a free assessment of your situation and needs. In preparation for your assessment appointment we recommend you giving some thought to your life situation and what’s important to you, These may include;

  • What is a good or bad day like for you? 
  • Which people are most important to you? 
  • What things do you like to do most?
  • What do you feel is or isn't going well for you at the moment? 
  • How would you like things to get better? 

You’re welcome to have a family member or friend with you at the meeting should you find this helpful.

My Contribution - How much you’ll pay towards your personal budget depends on your financial situation - your income, the amount of savings and any assets you possess. This will be calculated from completing a financial assessment with your social worker or care coordinator, who will take into account any welfare benefits you currently receive or may be eligible for. The calculation complies with our charging policy for community care services.

Receiving the budget payment - You can either receive a Direct Payment and arrange your own support, or we can arrange and pay for the services on your behalf. We also  provide mixed options which you can discuss with us. 

After starting to receive your ‘package of care’, we will contact you every 6-8 weeks to check that you’re happy with the support you’re receiving and everything is working well. This review helps identify any change to the needs you have or the support being provided. 

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