About our schools and nurseries

Types of schools

Our schools are divided into the following types:

Community schools

  • are owned and maintained by us (Kingston Council) 
  • we set the admissions criteria 
  • they follow the national curriculum and are not influenced by business or religious groups


  • are run by a governing body
  • they are independent from the local council and can follow a different curriculum

Voluntary aided Church schools (also called Faith schools)

  • are associated with a particular religion
  • they follow the national curriculum except for religious studies, where they are free to only teach about their own religion 
  • the governing body sets the admissions policy and their rules give priority to families who are members of the church concerned

Foundation schools

  • maintained by us (Kingston Council) but their governing bodies own the school buildings and sites
  • they are responsible for admissions and set their own admissions policy - St Luke’s C of E Primary School and Lime Tree Primary School are foundation primary schools in Kingston upon Thames


  • are partnerships between schools in Kingston
  • St John’s C of E Primary School (a voluntary aided school) is working in partnership with King Athelstan Primary School (a community school)




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