In-year scheme for co-ordinated admissions

In-year scheme for co-ordinated admissions 2021/22


  1. All in-year applications for a maintained school or academy within the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames must be made to Kingston LA on the LA’s inyear application form on which applicants can list up to four schools in order of preference. Any form received by a maintained school or academy must be forwarded to the LA for processing.
  2. Following recording and verification, Kingston LA will immediately share the application with the relevant admission authorities via SAM. This will include a completed Pupil Information Form (PIF) where available.
  3. Applicants will be advised to complete a supplementary information form if required, to enable an admission authority to apply its published oversubscription criteria.
  4. If a Kingston school receives a supplementary information form, it will first confirm with Kingston LA that the school has been named on a completed inyear application form.
  5. Where parents/carers have provided reasons for a preference school, the information will be forwarded to the admission authority, via SAM.
  6. Where parents/carers have provided additional documents in support of their application i.e. exceptional reasons, this will be forwarded to the admission authority via a secure document exchange.
  7. Each admission authority will consider and rank an application as necessary and will inform Kingston LA of the outcome of the application, and the applicant of the offer or refusal.
  8. Via SAM, each admission authority can view all the applications received for its school, including discarded preferences where a higher preference offer has been made at another school. This will keep each school informed of the total number of applications it has received.
  9. Kingston LA will advise parents/carers that their child’s name will be placed on the waiting list for higher preference Kingston schools than the one offered.
  10. If a place cannot be offered at a school, the admission authority must advise the applicant of their right of appeal, how to obtain appeal documentation and waiting list arrangements and testing arrangements at selective schools as appropriate.
  11. Schools must keep the LA advised of all application outcomes and vacancies as they occur so that the LA is able to keep abreast of availability of places. This is in accordance with paragraph 2.22 of the School Admissions Code. Annex 3 36
  12. Where an applicant lives outside the borough, Kingston LA will advise the home LA of the application and outcome only where the offer of a place is made and accepted by the parent; a parent of a child not in education declines an offer of a place; a parent of a child not in education is unsuccessful with their application. This information exchange will enable local authorities and schools to work together to safeguard children and identify children missing education (CME).

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