Frequently Asked Questions - schooling in Kingston borough

Moving into Kingston or Moving Schools Within Kingston- Frequently Asked Questions

I am moving into the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames and want to apply for a school place for my child – what do I have to do?

You need to complete an in-year application form for primary or secondary admission. An ‘in-year admission’ is one that happens at a time outside the normal admissions rounds for entry in September to the Reception and Year 7 year-groups.

Can I ensure that I obtain a place at my preferred school by moving close to it?

Moving close to a school does not guarantee that a place will be offered, because some schools are full and have a long waiting-list. It is therefore very important that you include other schools local to your home among the schools you list on your application. The Admissions Team can give you guidance on schools which have vacancies or short waiting lists. You should not assume your child has a right to attend one of your preferred schools or the school closest to your home address

What happens if none of the schools I name on my in-year application form has a place for my child? 

If your preferred schools are full in the year group you have applied for, your child’s name will be added to the schools’ waiting lists and ranked in accordance with the schools’ oversubscription criteria (the order in which places are allocated). Please be aware that your child may move down as well as up the list, because it is possible that other children will have higher priority than your child in accordance with the criteria. If it is likely that a place at none of your preferred schools is likely to arise, we will offer a place at the nearest school that has a vacancy. If you are not offered a pace at your preferred school, you will have the right of appeal.

What information must I provide with the application?

If you are moving from another country or from another part of the United Kingdom, please provide the following with your application:

  • Confirmation of where you and your child will be living – a copy of a signed tenancy agreement for no less than 12 months or proof of completion of the purchase of a property.
  • School report – this should be in English where possible, and, if applicable, should confirm how the previous school met your child’s additional needs.

Proof of your child’s date of birth (short birth certificate or passport)

I am a Crown Servant and will be returning to the UK from overseas in the future – when can I apply for a school place?

If you are an HM Forces family with a confirmed posting to this area, or a UK Crown Servant returning to this area from overseas, you can apply for a school place up to four months in advance of your return. This is provided your application is accompanied by official documentary evidence from your employer that confirms a relocation date and your address in the Kingston borough.

My child and I are moving into Kingston Borough and I want to apply for a local school, but we will not have a permanent address when we arrive – what should I do?

If you move into the borough but will not initially have a permanent address, for example you have a temporary address, such as a short term rent, a hotel, Airbnb or will be staying with friends or family, we will not be give priority based on distance on any school’s waiting list. However, we will advise you of any school with vacancies in the area and offer a school if the particular year group doesn’t have a waiting list. Any subsequent change of address will be considered once you have moved to a permanent address and you have provided satisfactory proof of your residence.

My child is temporarily visiting the UK – can I apply for a state-funded school place?

Not normally, no. Children who do not have the right to live in the United Kingdom and who have arrived as a child visitor, with or without their families, are not entitled to state-funded education and will not normally be provided with a school place. In other cases, where children do have the right of abode in the United Kingdom, a school place will normally only be provided where it is expected that the child will remain here for three months or more.

I am moving into the area during the holiday period when schools are closed – how will that affect my application?

The Admissions Team work during school holidays and aim to process applications within 15 school days. However, if schools are closed for the summer break or any other holiday period, please note that the Admissions Team will not be able to confirm the availability of places until the schools have re-opened.  

This can take a number of weeks to confirm in September and your child is unlikely to start school at the beginning of term if they do not currently have a school place.

If I email the Admissions Team every day will this speed up my application?

No. Please be patient and wait for a response. We understand that it can be an anxious time when you are waiting for a school place for your child, but due to the high volume of emails the School Admissions Team receives the more time the team has available to process your application, the quicker they will be able to let you know the outcome. In order to prioritise the processing of applications, we will not respond to chaser emails.

The School Admissions Team is operating a call back service only. If you have a query, please ensure that you have read our answers to frequently asked questions, and the guidance in the school admissions brochures or the school admissions pages on the Kingston Council website as the information provided may resolve it for you.

If you need to request a call back from the School Admissions Team, please email your query and make sure you include your child’s name, date of birth, telephone number and some information about your query.

Please note: priority will be given to queries where the information is not on the Kingston Council website or in the relevant school admissions brochure.

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