Apply for a secondary school place Sept 2023

Waiting Lists

Waiting List Process 

Your child's name will automatically be placed on the waiting list of any Kingston borough school which you have listed as a higher preference in your application than the school you've been offered. 

Waiting lists will be ranked after parental responses have been received and processed. Waiting list positions will be available from Thursday 30 March 2023 by sending a request to We will respond to your request within 10 working days

Any late applicants will be added to waiting lists in criteria order regardless of the date the application was received.

Waiting list positions are subject to change. Your child's position can be affected if an application is received for a child who has higher priority under the school's admission criteria (rules).

From Thursday 30 March, we will re-offer any Kingston school places that have become vacant since the original offers were made, in accordance with the individual schools' admissions criteria.

Church, academy, free schools and other council areas may operate their waiting lists differently. Please check what arrangements they will follow

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