Apply for a secondary school place Sept 2023

Naming preferred schools

Think carefully about your preferences

You need to be realistic in making your preferences.

You are allowed to express a preference for a school, but this is not the same as being able to choose which school your child attends

You may not receive an offer at any of your preferred schools if your child is unlikely to qualify for a place.

  • this could happen if you live too far away from the schools or
  • if you name a church school but do not attend the church connected to that school.

You are advised to name your nearest school that admits children under the home-to-school distance criterion (rule) as one of your six preferences. By using all your six preferences you will maximise your chances of being offered a preferred school.

Name the schools in order of preference

It is important that you name schools in the order that you most prefer them. This is because your child could qualify for a place at more than one school.

If this happens, your home council will look at your order of preference and you will be offered the highest preferred school that your child has qualified for. 

Schools in other council areas

If you name schools in other council areas we will pass details of your application to the relevant council. They will tell us whether a school place can be offered. For example, if you live in Kingston upon Thames and name a Richmond Borough school as a preference, Richmond Council will let us know whether your child has qualified for an offer.

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