Unauthorised skips and other abuses of the highway

The Council has a stepped and proportionate approach to enforcement. All action is in accordance with our Enforcement Policy. 

Unauthorised skips and other abuses of the highway

You can use our online forms to tell us about:

  • Unauthorised skips that do not have a licence 
  • Other abuses, for example scaffolding, A-boards and river enforcement
  • Fly-posting

Report unauthorised skips and other abuse
Report fly-posting

What happens next?

The Street Scene Inspectors will attend and resolve the issue, if a licensing issue, endeavour to obtain a licence or deal with a compliance complaint such as dangerous scaffolding or an overloaded skip. 

If the complaint cannot be easily resolved then his officers will escalate the report to the Enforcement Team. They will use more formal methods such as the service of a formal notice or take Court action.   


Last Modified: 04/11/2020 16:14:40