Riverside safety

River safety plan - section 5 - Canbury Gardens to Half Mile Tree

Canbury Gardens is situated between the River Thames and Lower Ham Road within easy walking distance from Kingston town centre. The park is characterised by a line of magnificent mature London Plane trees running along the length of the towpath. There is a designated cycle path that runs along the length of the site, and a towpath that reaches down to an informal riverbank. A low wall separates the tow path for the rest of the site.

Exiting Canbury Gardens along Lower Ham road the river can only be accessed by crossing over the informal bank. The bank in vegetated by the usual flora associated with a natural course of water.

Nature of footfall

This section of the riverside is used by pedestrians of all age groups, runners and cyclists.

Rescue equipment

View map of bank side and river wall equipment

Bank side equipment

The are seven life buoys along the Canbury Gardens stretch of Section 4 and one in Lower Ham Road, each with throw ropes and toggle openings, and checked daily. 

  • Life buoy 19 - opposite Arun House, Maybate Avenue, KT2 5AJ, grid reference - X 517780 / Y 169815
  • Life buoy 20 - opposite Tyne House, Maybate Avenue, KT2 5AJ, grid reference - X 517798 / Y 169917
  • Life buoy 21 - opposite Kings Walk, KT2 5AJ, grid reference - X 517809 / Y 169977
  • Life buoy 22 - opposite Canbury Gardens Bandstand, KT2 5AJ, grid reference - X 517819 / Y 170026
  • Life buoy 23 - opposite Canbury Gardens hard surface tennis courts, KT2 5AJ, grid reference - X 517862 / Y 170114
  • Life buoy 24 - opposite Boaters Inn public house, KT2 5AU, grid reference - X 517897 / Y 170221
  • Life buoy 25 - opposite Bank Lane, grid reference - X 517924 / Y170323
  • Life buoy 26 - opposite 106 Lower Ham Road, KT2 5BD, grid reference - X 517838 / Y 170777

River wall equipment

There is no river wall equipment in this section.

Access assessment scores

  • Misjudgement, ignorance or disregard - 21 (out of 33)
  • Unlimited access to hazard - 21 (out of 30)
  • Supervision - 4 (out of 7)
  • Ability to save oneself or be rescued - 10 (out of 30)
  • Total score - 47 per cent (medium level risk)

Additional information

There is a conflict between cyclists and pedestrians along this section and large flocks of Canada geese that can be aggressive and leave mess often congregate.

There has been on recorded incident of alleged suicide along this section.



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