Riverside safety

River safety plan - section 4 - Kingston Bridge to Canbury Gardens

Section 4.1 Kingston Bridge to Turks Launches

North of Kingston Bridge, the John Lewis development of 1990 was the first major scheme to radically change the scale of the town and river frontage. There is little riverside activity on this side of the bridge to match that found upstream. The river wall is high and topped by post and railing in places.

Beyond the John Lewis building is Turks Launches. Here there is a blind bend that passes an open water wharf as it drops away towards the road.

Section 4.2 Turks Launches to Canbury Gardens

A building extends over the river bank at Turk’s Pier, this was formerly a pub/restaurant, with a public route around a walkway on the river elevation.

The Steadfast Sea Cadets at ground level overlook a small private grassed riverbank area. The route for walkers has no footpath and the strip terminates in a riverside car park next to the railway bridge at the entrance to Canbury Gardens. 

Nature of footfall

This section of the riverside is used by pedestrians of all age groups, runners and cyclists.

Rescue equipment

View map of bank side and river wall equipment

Bank side equipment

The are four life buoys along Section 4, each with throw ropes and toggle openings, and checked daily. 

  • Life buoy 17 - outside John Lewis, KT1 1TE, grid reference - X 517764 / Y 169385
  • Life buoy 16/17 - outside John Lewis, KT1 1TE, grid reference - X 517764 / Y 169413; currently one missing from this location
  • Life buoy 18 - John Lewis adjacent to Steadfast Road, KT1 1TE, grid reference - X 51778 / Y 169475 1TE

River wall equipment

There is no river wall equipment in this section.

Access assessment scores

Section 4.1

  • Misjudgement, ignorance or disregard - 18 (out of 33)
  • Unlimited access to hazard - 14 (out of 30)
  • Supervision - 2 (out of 7)
  • Ability to save oneself or be rescued - 9 (out of 30)
  • Total score - 43 per cent (medium level risk)

Section 4.2

  • Misjudgement, ignorance or disregard - 18 
  • Unlimited access to hazard - 0 
  • Supervision - 2 
  • Ability to save oneself or be rescued - 9
  • Total score - 30 per cent (very low level risk)

Additional information 

There is a blind corner at south flank of John Lewis building onto Turks Launches. This can present an extra hazard to visitors who are unfamiliar with the area.

There have been no recorded incidents along this section.

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