Riverside safety

River safety plan - section 3 - Eagle Brewery Wharf to The Gazebo public house

Section 3.1 Eagle Brewery Wharf to The Gazebo public house

The river path runs alongside the residential development of Charter Quay. This has significantly changed the reach, enabling a continuous river walk via a bridge over the Hogsmill Creek.

There are a series of award winning open spaces, such as Jerome Place, provide cafes and bars which complement the riverside and generate activity. The reed-beds (designated a wildfowl conservation area) form a welcome contrast to the town centre setting and have successfully attracted an interesting variety of wildfowl particularly swans.

The adjacent private moorings for residential boats add to the visual interest of the riverside. At weekends and summer evenings, the riverside route is busy and lively with walkers, boaters and drinkers.

Section 3.2 Gazebo Public House to Kingston Bridge

Outside The Gazebo pub there are steps that reach down to the river. This is popular place for people to sit and watch the river.

The riverside along the Bishop’s Palace has been successfully enhanced with a modern stainless steel railing added for safety reasons to the river edge just upstream of the bridge.

Nature of footfall

Pedestrian (all age groups) primarily to visit the food outlets, bars and clubs.

Rescue equipment

View map of bank side and river wall equipment

Bank side equipment

The are three life buoys along the Charter Key and Riverside Walk parts of Section 3, each with throw ropes and toggle openings, and checked daily. 

  • Life buoy 12 - opposite Browns, grid reference - X 517744 / Y 169172
  • Life buoy 13 - opposite The Gazebo, KT1 1QN, grid reference - X 517742 / Y 169247
  • Life buoy 14 - opposite Bishops Palace House, KT1 1QN, grid reference - X 517765 / Y 169350

River wall equipment

There are grab chains placed along retaining wall at three locations.

Access assessment scores


Section 3.1

  • Misjudgement, ignorance or disregard - 22 (out of 33)
  • Unlimited access to hazard - 13 (out of 30)
  • Supervision - 4 (out of 7)
  • Ability to save oneself or be rescued - 18 (out of 30)
  • Total score - 57 per cent (increased level risk)

Section 3.2

  • Misjudgement, ignorance or disregard - 22 
  • Unlimited access to hazard - 30 
  • Supervision - 4 
  • Ability to save oneself or be rescued - 10
  • Total score - 48 per cent (medium level risk)

Additional information 

Charter Quay bridge may have a limited holding capacity for large moving crowds. Pubs, clubs and bars have additional life saver training as part of Pubwatch organised by Kingston First.

Waterfowl use the ledge of the river wall. They can be aggressive at certain times of the year and leave a mess.

Steps down to the river outside the Gazebo pub attract people to sit close to the water’s edge.

There has been three fatalities at this location. In two incidents the deceased party entered the water of their own accord; the third incident remains unsolved.


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