Parking permits

Changes to our parking contract

We have sent out letters to all residents in Controlled Parking Zones. A summary version is below or you can download an original copy of the letter.

Dear Resident,

As you may know, we changed our parking contract across the borough on 24 July.

Part of this has been a move to using digital resident parking permits and digital visitor vouchers in controlled parking zones. The planned changes are explained in the attached information sheet.
We are writing to everyone living in a controlled parking zone to say sorry to those of you who have experienced difficulties with the new online system, which we know has caused inconvenience and frustration for some of you.
The complaints and feedback received has helped us to identify the problems and we are working with our contractor NSL to ensure these issues are resolved as quickly as possible. This includes a set of changes to the online process, which will be completed in two weeks.  
In particular, we are aware that there are concerns around visitor vouchers. If you have existing paper ones (scratch cards) you can still use these. For both existing resident permits and visitor vouchers, you don’t need to do anything right now until either your permit needs to be renewed or you need more vouchers. See below for further information.
We have already made some changes to our plans to try and minimise the ongoing problems for you. We will ensure all residents regardless of whether they do or do not have access to the internet can continue to access the parking service.
We have developed a website user guide, a set of frequently asked questions (FAQs) and are extending the hours you can contact us by phone to help resolve any issues. If you would prefer a paper copy of these, please call to let us know. We will update you on improvements as we make them including on our website and through our FAQs.
We are sorry that what we expected to be a seamless transition to the new system has caused problems for some of you. If you experience further issues, please let us know through our feedback and complaints webpage or call us on 020 8547 1333.
Once again our sincere apologies, and to those experiencing problems, thank you for your continued patience.

Yours sincerely,

Rachel Lewis
Head of Environment