Old Post Office

What's happening?

St George plc applied for planning permission to develop the Old Post Office site in December 2014. The site consists of:

  • the Old Post Office
  • the Former Telephone Exchange
  • offices fronting Brook Street
  • Frances House and the surface car park

The site is bounded by Ashdown Road, Brook Street, Eden Street and Wheatfield Way. 

Status of the application

14 January 2016 - revised drawings submitted

Revised drawings have been submitted and are now out to consultation. The consultation period runs from 15 January 2016 and lasts for 21 days until 5 February 2016. The revised description is as follows: 

Erection of new buildings of 4 to 16 storeys in height and part demolition, alterations and change of use of Former Post Office and Former Telephone Exchange listed buildings to provide 2,141 sqm of retail/ cafe/ restaurant uses (A1-A5 use) and 638 sqm of flexible floorspace to be used for either retail/café/restaurant uses (A1-A5) or Office (B1), 931 sqm of Office (B1) floorspace and 253 sqm of community/leisure (D1/D2 use) and 319 residential units. 132 car parking spaces proposed with access from Ashdown Road and 610 cycle parking spaces. The revisions are accompanied by an Environmental Statement Addendum and updated Technical report Addendums.

The main changes include: 

  • Amendments to the corner (16 storey) building. The latest changes (compared to the September 2015 Scheme) propose the introduction of red brick to Brook Street and yellow stock brick to Wheatfield Way elevations.
  • A reduction in the height of the Ashdown Road building between the Telephone Exchange and the Post Office from 12 to 8 storeys (32.95m AOD) and removal of the 8 storey front projection and ground floor colonnade. The external appearance of the building has also been amended to include stock brick and amendments to detailing. 
  • Amendments to detailing of buildings along Wheatfield Way.
  • A reduction in height of the link (middle) building from 11 to 10 storeys and change of material to a stock brick with amendment to detailing, some balconies inset and provision of a green wall.
  • An increase in the number of 3 bedroom flats from 33 to 37 which increases the proportion of 3 bed flats from 10% to 12%.
  • A reduction in number of flats to 319. The September 2015 scheme proposed 338 flats and the December 2014 scheme proposed up to 380 flats.
  • It is anticipated that the revised proposal will be reported to a Development Control Committee meeting on 25 February 2016.

26 November 2015 - application put on hold 

St George plc has asked for the planning application to be put in abeyance (on hold). They plan to revise the application and to address the reasons for refusal.

We have agreed not to refer the application to the Greater London Authority but instead allow St George the opportunity to submit revised drawings. We'll hold the application in abeyance (put it on hold) until the revised drawings have been submitted. If St George plc submit an amended scheme, it will be subject to re-consultation.

A revised application will be reported back to a Development Control Committee for a decision.

5 November - Development Control Committee refused the application 

The planning application was considered by the Council's Development Control Committee at its meeting on 5 November 2015. The Development Control Committee resolved to:

View the full planning application 

You can see the full planning application and the Listed Building Consents within our online planning database. It shows:

  • the status of the application
  • a detailed description of the proposed development that was considered by the Development Control Committee
  • any supporting plans and documents including the environmental statement