Spotlight On: What’s on your plate? - how we help keep your food safe

Kingston’s Environmental Health officers make it their mission to maintain high food hygiene standards in the borough.

The team has visited more than 1,000 places which serve food, including restaurants, hotels, supermarkets and colleges as they continue to make sure you can choose where to eat without worrying about getting ill. 

As well as food hygiene, the team also clamp down on noisy neighbours, look out for asbestos and even keep tabs on barking dogs as they ensure all health and safety in Kingston is kept to a high standard.

Theresa Fidge is our Senior Environmental Health Officer for Food and Safety, and has been checking hygiene and food standards across Kingston for 26 years. Here she talks more about her job, why she is passionate about what she does, some of the challenges and why, after a quarter of a century, she still loves coming into work every day.