Kingston’s Annual Public Health Report 2019

Iona Lidington, Director of Public Health, has launched Kingston’s Annual Public Health Report 2019.

This year's report, entitled “Location, Location, Location: The importance of place in shaping health and wellbeing” focuses on how both our physical surroundings and social connections impact on health.

The report looks at five aspects of how place shapes our health, including housing, streets and transport, surroundings, access to services, and social connections and relationships. Case studies have been included to illustrate some of the ways in which we at Kingston Council, along with our partners, are addressing the issues highlighted. The report concludes with a recommendation to develop and adopt a formal Health in All Policies approach to embed health in all that we do as a Council and with our partners.

To find a copy of this report and the accompanying demography report, please visit the data section of our website.