Health and Care Plan launched in the borough of Kingston

The NHS, Kingston Council, voluntary sector and Healthwatch have launched a two-year plan to meet the health and care needs of people living in Kingston.

The Kingston Health and Care Plan, which has been developed with local people, aims to give everyone the best start in life, help people to live healthier lives and be better connected to their local community.

This new partnership plan will help patients get better care and support and help them to avoid having to re-tell their story every time they encounter a new health or social care service. It will also ensure that different parts of the system share appropriate information to
help improve the care local people receive.

Our aspiration for the people of Kingston is that they Start Well, Live Well and Age Well. The priority areas for improvement which the programme has identified are:

Start Well

  • Maximise the mental wellbeing and resilience of our children and young people.
  • Improve the health of children and young people with a focus on tackling childhood obesity.
  • Give children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities opportunities to flourish and be independent.

Live Well

  • Support people to have good physical and mental health and prevent ill health.
  • Support people to manage long-term conditions.
  • Reduce health inequalities for those with poor health.

Age Well

  • Maximise people’s independence and resilience to enable them to live well at home where that is their choice.
  • Reduce loneliness and isolation for everyone particularly older people and their carers.
  • Enable people to live and end the last years of their life well.

Carers and prevention (across all life stages)

  • We will take action to improve our practice in identifying and recognising carers of all ages so they are linked to appropriate support options, enabling carers to reduce the social, financial and health impacts they face.
  • Prevention - work with and enable communities and individuals to lead healthy lives and have confidence to care for themselves and others.

Find out more and download the full plan.