Register for the Big London Energy Switch to save money on your bills

Kingston residents will soon have another chance to see if they can save money on their gas and electricity bills, when the next auction in the Big London Energy Switch scheme takes place on 7 October

Kingston, along with the Big London Energy Switch, iChoosr and other London Councils are joining together to help residents secure cheaper fuel tariffs. The scheme brings people together to use their collective buying power to secure better deals. There is an auction where energy suppliers compete against each other to offer people who have registered to switch to the cheapest tariffs available. 

Those who have registered in previous years and switched to a new provider, have on average saved £200 a year on their bills. Anyone who pays a bill can take part, including tenants and residents on pre-pay meters. Customers are asked to register their interest and once the auction is complete, everyone who registered will be contacted with their own personal offer. They can then decide whether to switch or stay with their current energy supplier and tariff.

Register your interest before 7 October by visiting