Wheatfield Way Go Cycle route helping to improve cycling connectivity and cleaner air in Kingston

A new Go Cycle route on Wheatfield Way in Kingston is set to open following a transformation to better connect the borough’s cycle network and help improve air quality.

The scheme in Kingston town centre sits at the centre of the £30 million Mini-Holland programme funded by Transport for London (TfL) to improve the transport infrastructure, promote sustainable travel and provide safer routes for cyclists. Once complete, the Go Cycle network will provide crucial connectivity for cyclists across the borough.

As the fourth Go Cycle route to be completed, the two-way cycle lane in Wheatfield Way is a significant step forward in providing a safe route for cyclists travelling between Kingston Station and College Roundabout, past Old London Road and Fairfield North, as well as in the future, connecting with new protected lanes into Kingston from Kingston Hill, and joining with the Go Cycle routes that serve Surbiton and Tolworth, along Penrhyn Road and the riverside.

Cllr Hilary Gander,  Portfolio Holder for Environment & Sustainable Transport says:

"The completion of this cycle lane represents a 'tipping point' in the development of Kingston's new cycling network. Residents will begin to see how all the Go Cycle schemes start to connect together, moving towards our vision of being able to ride length and breadth of the borough without the need to mix with cars, buses and heavy goods vehicles on some of our busiest main roads. To go by bike has the added incentive of knowing that it helps both our own health and that of our neighbours as we move about our borough, and is one way we can pledge our support to improving air quality on Clean Air Day."      

The new cycle lanes and improved crossings have created a more harmonious environment, allowing pedestrians to move seamlessly and confidently from one side of Wheatfield Way to the other. The new road layout and 20mph zone ensures vehicles moderate their speed reducing noise and emissions. The scheme also includes new seating and planting outside Kingston Library, with a new and improved public area providing better access to Old London Road and the ‘Out of Order’ telephone boxes.

Cllr Jon Tolley, Councillor for Grove Ward added:

“I travel to and from the town centre most days, and Wheatfield Way offering a safe route to cycle, bypassing the busy bus and car-filled roads makes the journey more fun and significantly more safe. Cycling is clean, quick and healthy, but for many it feels dangerous, and it's only when we see more of this excellent and safe cycling infrastructure that many more will choose bike as their preferred means of travel.”

The Wheatfield Way scheme adopts the latest insights in implementing a smarter, more sustainable ‘Healthy Streets’ approach to evolving Kingston’s transport infrastructure, bringing connectivity and a cleaner, lower emissions focus to ‘keeping people moving’ around Kingston town centre.

Transforming the transport infrastructure in Kingston forms part of the long-term strategy to improve the borough’s commitment to improving air quality, and the health and wellbeing of our residents. Being able to accommodate a growing local population, while improving the transport options, routes and connectivity within the borough is the challenge Kingston is facing with the whole of London, and with the help of Transport for London, Kingston has been investing in its roads, pedestrian areas and cycle network.