Kingston announces new electric vehicle charging points in the borough ahead of Clean Air Day

Kingston Council is installing more electric vehicle (EV) charging points as part of its ongoing commitment to improving air quality in the borough, with Clean Air Day on 20 June.

There are currently 13 council charging points in Kingston across 10 locations. We will be working to install more than 100 new roadside charging points and five rapid charging points over the next three years.

The rapid charging points are funded by Transport for London (TfL) as part of thier push to roll out 300 rapid charging points across the capital by 2020. Transport company BluePoint London are funding the Source London residential charging network in the borough with 25 Source London chargers and 50 lamp column chargers expected to be in place in Kingston by April 2020.

The council is also working with developers in the borough, when assessing planning applications, to seek to ensure that 20 per cent of new car parking spaces within developments are for electric vehicles, and that an additional 20 per cent of spaces have the basic infrastructure in place at the outset so that they can support electric vehicles in the future. EV charging facilities are included in any future plans, including additional charging points at petrol stations and at new retail developments.

Councillor Hilary Gander, portfolio holder for Environment and Sustainable Transport, said:

“We all know how vital it is to work together to clean our air and reduce our carbon footprint.

“Air quality is one of the biggest health and environmental issues we face in our local area. It has huge impacts on our health. The council’s commitment to installing extra EV charging points shows we are committed to enabling residents to choose to travel in a way that is more environmentally-friendly.”

The plans, part of a wider commitment on air quality, are set to be discussed further at the Environment & Sustainable Transport Committee on 25 June, with other air quality-related items on the agenda, including the council’s efforts to increase the number of safe cycle lanes in Kingston and its commitment to planting 2,000 extra trees in the borough by 2022.

EVs help to improve air quality as they have no tailpipe emissions of nitrogen oxides and particulates. It is also estimated that EVs could help to reduce CO2 emissions by 41 per cent by 2030. Find your nearest existing charging point by using this interactive map. If you would like to suggest a place where you feel a charging point should be installed, you can recommend it via Power My Street. All suggestions will be reviewed.

If you have any queries relating to the council's EV plans or policy please contact us at [email protected].