Kingston Council’s new portfolio holders announced

The Leader of Kingston Council, Cllr Liz Green has announced her new portfolio holders at the Annual Council meeting last night (14 May).

New portfolio holders include:

Cllr Kim Bailey (Coombe Vale ward) Portfolio Holder for Adult Social Care.
Cllr Tim Cobbett (St James ward) Portfolio Holder for Engagement and Continuous Learning.
Cllr Andreas Kirsch (Chessington South ward) Portfolio Holder for Community and Governance.

Previous portfolio holders with additional responsibilities are:

Cllr Malcolm Self (Surbiton Hill ward) who will continue as Deputy Leader but will now be the Portfolio Holder for Planning Policy and Economic Development.
Cllr Alison Holt (Surbiton Hill ward) will now be the Portfolio Holder for Finance and Partnerships.

The following councillors have the same responsibilities:

Cllr Diane White (St Mark’s ward) Portfolio Holder for Children’s Services and Education.
Cllr Emily Davey (Norbiton ward) Portfolio Holder for Housing including the Cambridge Road Estate regeneration.
Cllr Hilary Gander (Surbiton Hill ward) Portfolio Holder for Environment and Sustainable Transport.

The council committees will move to being co-chaired, the details of the chairs are as follows: 

Finance and Contracts Committee - Cllr Liz Green and Cllr Alison Holt.
Community and Engagement Committee - Cllr Tim Cobbett and Cllr Andreas Kirsch. 
Environment and Sustainable Transport Committee - Cllr Hilary Gander and Cllr Liz Green.
Strategic Housing and Planning Committee - Cllr Malcolm Self and Cllr Emily Davey. 
Children’s and Adults’ Care and Education Committee - Cllr Diane White and Cllr Kim Bailey. 

You can also watch the live webcast of the meeting online. More information about councillors can be found in the Your Councillor section of the council’s website.