Statement on the removal of decayed trees in Dinton Fields

Ian Thomas, Chief Executive of Kingston Council, said:

"An initial inspection of the 19 trees in Dinton Fields was carried out by the council’s expert tree officers which found them to be diseased. Further to this, an independent assessment of the trees confirmed these findings and showed the trees were in a more advanced state of decay than initially thought. One tree, which was thought to be one of the least diseased, was found to be hollow throughout. 

“A decision was made to remove the trees in order to prevent any risk of them falling. Whilst regrettable, this was in the interests of public safety for those regularly using the fields and, in particular, children that attend the school playground, adjacent to the trees. The council has a statutory duty to protect the public and specific duties in keeping children safe.

“We remain fully committed to preserving as many trees as possible in our borough, and delivering our tree strategy which has seen 527 trees planted between April 2018 and January 2019.”



More information can be found here.

View the Dinton Fields tree felling report 2019.