Council’s £5,500 Christmas present for Surbiton

Councillors have agreed to help light up Surbiton town centre this Christmas with a £5,500 contribution to support local festive preparations.

Kingston Council’s Surbiton Neighbourhood Committee approved the donation towards the cost of additional Christmas lights to support local community celebrations.

Surbiton Business Community, an organisation that brings local businesses and people together, is working with charities and other groups on plans for a parade and switch-on event on 28 November.

The money will come from the committee’s forecast savings this year.

“I hope that our contribution will boost the efforts of the Surbiton Business Community and others to give the town centre the kind of festive event it deserves, not just this year but in the future too.”

Councillor Malcolm Self, Surbiton Neighbourhood Committee chair

“The funding has given a great lift to this year’s Christmas event, ‘Turn it on Surbiton’. It means that Victoria Road and Brighton Road will have Christmas lights.

“On 28 November there will be fun for everyone including Father Christmas, a procession, stalls, live music, a farm and face painting.”

Alison Persson, Surbiton Business Community Christmas event co-ordinator