Norbiton residents and Kingston Council team up for key cemetery partnership

Kingston Cemetery and Crematorium

Residents in Norbiton have stepped up to help keep Kingston’s Cemetery gates open for longer.

The pedestrian gates at Kingston Cemetery & Crematorium had previously been unlocked and locked by council employees. The limited council resources, however, meant that access outside of operational hours was restricted to the vehicle gates only.

The new solution, proposed by cemetery staff and local councillors, allows a team of local residents to have keys to the pedestrian gates, to take responsibility for unlocking and locking the gates in the morning and afternoon so that the cemetery can be open for longer.

Norbiton resident and key holder Cormac Kennedy said:

"The lack of adequate cycle lanes to and from King Athelstan school makes the graveyard shortcut really important to us and our children.

“It's fantastic that the council has found a flexible solution."

Olly Wehring, one of Norbiton's three councillors, added:

“This is a great example of community engagement. Resident volunteers will play an important role in improving service provision and promoting a healthy and safer way for children to take part in breakfast and evening school clubs or, indeed, for anyone to simply enjoy an early morning or evening walk.

“This is just one of several projects in Kingston Cemetery where volunteers are getting involved beyond the site's primary purpose.”

If you'd like to get involved in the project or volunteer within the cemetery on another project, please contact Norbiton councillor Olly Wehring on 0791 962 0567.