92% of pupils in Kingston get one of their preferred secondary schools despite increase in applications

92% of children in the borough will attend one of their preferred secondary schools with 87% getting their first, second or third choice this year, higher than the London average.

There were 142 (8% increase) in applications for places this year, with a total of 1910 pupils applying for a school place to start in September 2019, compared to 1758 in 2018. Kingston is among the highest of London’s local authorities for parental satisfaction with this year's allocations, with 70% of our pupils receiving their highest preference offer (69% in 2018) and 87% have received one of their top three preferences (88% in 2018).

The parents of the 111 (6%) children who have not been offered a place at this initial stage of the process, will be supported by Achieving for Children (AfC), who run the Council’s Children’s Services, to find a place as quickly as possible. As parents accept or decline their offers over the next few weeks and months, it is anticipated that all children without an initial offer will be placed from waiting lists as soon as possible.

The School Admissions team will be able to reassure and advise parents on their waiting list positions and any other available options on a case by case basis. The team will monitor the progress of applications of children who are without an offer at this initial stage of the admissions process and will do all they can to ensure that parents’ wait for a school place is minimal.

Cllr Diane White, Kingston Council’s Portfolio Holder for Children's Services including Education, said:

“We are proud that the large majority of pupils have received a preferred school place this year, many of whom will be getting one of their preferred schools, despite the large increase in applications.

“The high standards of Kingston schools means that they remain hugely popular with families in Kingston and beyond. I understand the disappointment of not receiving an offer of a preferred school at this initial stage, but this is only the start of the allocation process. I would like to reassure parents who have not yet secured an offer that their children will be placed as soon as possible. We plan the number of places that are required for September each year, rather than at the initial stage of the allocation process in March."