Tolworth cycle route gets green light to Go

Bike wheels

Kingston Council has approved the detailed design and construction of the Ewell Road Section of the Kingston to Tolworth cycle route as part of the Go Cycle programme.

This section of the route runs from Tolworth Broadway to St. Mark's Hill along Ewell Road, and provides the connectivity between Tolworth and Surbiton, and ultimately Kingston town centre. The Ewell Road Section will join with the completed Surbiton to Kingston scheme, and the Penrhyn Road Section of the Kingston to Tolworth scheme, which is scheduled to commence construction in early 2019.

The £32m Go Cycle programme includes 10 new linked development schemes funded by Transport for London (TfL). Three schemes have been completed, and four more are currently under construction - Wheatfield Way, Kingston Station, Kingston to Kingston Vale and New Malden to Raynes Park.

The public consultation for the Ewell Road scheme generated wide ranging views, which led to modifications to the proposals that were submitted and have been subsequently approved by Kingston’s Environment and Sustainable Transport Committee.

Councillor Hilary Gander Portfolio Holder for Environment and Sustainable Transport, commented:

“This is another positive step for the Go Cycle programme, as the momentum we’ve established means that we’re on course to connect new purpose-built cycle lanes, travelling from the southern part of our borough in Tolworth with the newly integrated cycle infrastructure envisioned for the whole of Kingston upon Thames.

Over 700 residents took part in the public consultation and their feedback has helped us shape the final proposals for these developments. The Go Cycle programme is essential to how we tackle head-on the need for the borough’s residents to have a modern transport infrastructure that safely accommodates cyclists, while enhancing the connectivity and mobility of all Kingston’s residents. In planning for tomorrow, and making strides to improve the environments in which we live and move, we demonstrate our commitment to the shared vision of ‘Healthy Streets’* with our neighbours across London. If we can provide low-emission alternative modes of transport to driving a car, the borough can better accommodate its growing population, while reducing pollution and congestion locally.”

Construction of this route is scheduled to commence in 2019/20 subject to final design and receipt of funding from TfL.

For more information about the Go Cycle programme, visit our Go Cycle pages