Delicatessen in Tolworth fined for food hygiene offences

Violetta Semyonova, owner of SMAK food store, has been fined £500 and ordered to pay £3,300 for council costs after pleading guilty for failing food hygiene standards Lavender Hill Magistrates Court.

A routine inspection of Ms Semyonova’s business found 12 serious breaches of food hygiene regulations including storing meat at the wrong temperature and not handling meat properly, selling out of date food, as well as the lack of food hygiene training for staff.

Environmental Protection Officers during their inspection seized over 15 kilos of unwrapped and pre-packed ready to eat foods being sold at a discounted price that were beyond their ‘use by’ dates. Cross contamination was also found, with ready to eat unwrapped meats displayed in direct contact with raw unwrapped sausages. Cooked chicken and pork was on display for sale at 23.4°C  with the legal limit for storing these types of food being 8°C.

Cllr Dave Ryder-Mills, portfolio holder with responsibility for regulatory services at Kingston Council, said: 

“Kingston Council takes breaches of food safety law very seriously and our Environmental Protection Officers will continue to inspect food businesses throughout the borough to ensure that they reach the high standards of hygiene that we all expect to find.”

SMAK (122A Tolworth Broadway) received a Zero rating under the National Food Hygiene Rating Scheme (as Urgent Improvement Necessary) and Hygiene Improvement Notices were served.