Kingston pledges to support its armed forces community on Armistice Day 2018

Council and military representatives sign the Armed Forces Covenant.

On the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War, Kingston signed the Armed Forces Covenant pledging to support the borough’s brave servicemen and women who reside among us today.

The Armed Forces Covenant represents a promise by the nation that members of the armed forces will be treated with fairness and respect in the communities, economy and society they serve or have served.

At a local level, it is a partnership agreement between statutory, military and voluntary sector agencies who pledge to work together to honour and implement the national Armed Forces Covenant. Principally, partners agree to ensure that members of the armed forces community, and their families, have equal access to the same services and opportunities as ordinary citizens.

The Covenant was signed on Armistice Day 2018 (11 November), by the Mayor, Leader of the Council, Kingston Council’s Armed Forces Champion and representatives of Kingston’s three regiments.

At the signing, Colonel David Mogg TD VR from the Princess of Wales’ Royal Regiment, said:

“The Covenant acknowledges the different needs the armed forces community has to the rest of the population. During active service, our personnel may relocate several times, making it difficult for them and their families to access essential services such as schools and healthcare. Returning to civilian life after serving your country also has its own set of unique challenges. The Covenant sets out what we can do in partnership to make local life better for the people who make ongoing sacrifices for the protection of our freedom.”

Kingston Council’s Armed Forces Champion, Councillor Margaret Thompson, said:

“The council has always been a proud supporter of our armed forces and signing the Covenant is our way of reaffirming that commitment. Its purpose is to ensure that no member of the armed forces, or their families, should be disadvantaged because of their service.

“The council pledges to do all it can to support our armed forces during and after their active service to make them and their families feel welcomed as part of our community. For example, their children will have access to good local schools, housing will be prioritised, medical care for service-related mental or physical injuries will be available when needed, and those who serve as reservists will be supported to fulfil their duties. These principles will be embedded into the council’s thinking so that they become second nature.”

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Armed Forces Covenant