Help prevent grass fires during the heatwave

London Fire Brigade have tackled six times as many large grass fires than the total number attended in 2017. Many of these fires were avoidable.

One of the most common causes of grass fires are barbecues left unattended. The fire brigade have therefore called a ban on barbecues in public parks during the heatwave. 

We would like to remind residents and visitors to Kingston that barbecues are not permitted in any of the parks or green spaces across the borough at any time. 

Please also take care when smoking and do not throw cigarettes or matches on dry grass. 

The results of grass fires could be catastrophic; putting lives at risk as well as devastating our green spaces. 

There is signage on the entrance to all of our parks, but there have been a number of incidents recently where people have been using disposable barbecues in the evenings.

If you spot anyone barbecuing in parks out of hours, please report this to the Safer Neighbourhood Teams, whose details are listed on our website