Share your views on casinos in Kingston

casino gambling consultation press release

Kingston Council is asking local people and businesses for their views on the recently-launched consultation on a new gambling policy and if casinos should be allowed to operate within the borough.

The council is responsible for considering applications made for gaming permits and gambling licenses under the Gambling Act 2005 and as part of this is carrying out a regular review of its Statement of Policy.

Councillor John Sweeney, Chair of the Licensing Committee at Kingston Council, said: 

“The council has a responsibility to ensure that the gambling licenses that we issue to businesses are appropriate and don’t negatively impact upon the local area. As part of this, we are consulting with residents and businesses and are encouraging everyone to have their say on this important issue.”

The council has consulted widely on this issue previously, in 2009, 2012 and 2016 which found that casinos weren’t welcome in the borough.

We also want to hear views on what considerations local people would expect licence holders to be mindful of when making applications in the borough. To take part in the consultation and have your say, visit our consultations page.