GoodGym launches new innovative fitness project in Kingston


GoodGym, a running community that combines getting fit with supporting the local neighbourhood, will launch a new project in Kingston on Tuesday 15 May.

The partnership between GoodGym and Kingston Council aims to support community projects in the borough by encouraging people to get active through regular exercise whilst carrying out volunteering activities for the benefit of their local area.

The weekly organised sessions involve a short run with a trainer before stopping at a location to undertake a physical task such as planting trees, gardening and clearing away litter. Those who have signed up can also choose to be paired with an older person and run to see them for a weekly social visit and help them with basic household tasks.

The first event will help a local charity, The Community Brain, who are working to transform an allotment in the borough  to enable people to grow fresh food.

Sue Gregory-Johnson, Sports and Leisure Commissioner at Kingston Council, said: “We are very pleased to be involved with this initiative that can help bring people together, as well as having a benefit to their health. We already have 20 runners registered and this is a great way for GoodGym runners to use their energy to benefit worthy projects in their community.”

Ivo Gormley, founder of GoodGym said: “GoodGym is a really easy way to integrate doing something for your community into your exercise. If you are already running then it can take only 15 minutes to change your route and drop in to visit an isolated older person. If you have never really considered running before, or lack the motivation, then the community that GoodGym provides can be a really easy route in.”

GoodGym Kingston weekly group runs are free and open to all abilities. To sign up go to or visit their website for more information.