Secondary school places 2018


Achieving for Children to support parents with secondary school place options ahead of September intake.

This year, 88% of children in Kingston received their their first, second or third choice secondary school, higher than the London average of 87% and 92% of those that applied, got one of their listed preferences.

Although there was a reduction in the number of children that got one of their preferred choices compared to previous years, there were 116 more applications this year with a total of 1,758 pupils applying to start in September 2018, compared to 1,642 in 2017 and 1,709 in 2016. This increase is 7.1%, compared with the London average of 4.4%, and is mainly due to the 2000s baby boom and a larger intake for reception back in 2010.

Of the 149 pupils who were not offered a preference that their parents named on the​ir​ ​application, 51 of these have already been allocated their closest available school. The remaining 98 children, 89 of whom did not list all six preferences available to them, will be found a place in the coming weeks.

Achieving for Children who run the Council’s children’s services, will be helping the parents/carers of children who have not been offered a preferred school to consider the different options available. Its highly knowledgeable and experienced Admissions Team have been speaking with parents/carers of currently unplaced children and will do their utmost to ensure that places are provided for them as quickly as possible.

As ever, the planning of school places is based on how many children will require a secondary school place in September, rather than March, as Achieving for Children and the Council know from experience that a significant proportion of applicants will take up places in private schools for their children, thus freeing up places from waiting-lists.

We understand that uncertainty brings a lot of anxiety to parents and their children, and the Admissions Team will do all they can to help and reassure parents. For any queries, please telephone 020 8547 4610.