Welcome Jobcentre Plus

Council leader shakes hands with Jobcentre Plus partnership manager

Jobcentre Plus has completed its move to our Guildhall site.

Already close collaborators, co-location will strengthen ties between the council and the jobcentre; leading to a more streamlined service for Kingston residents.

The move is the first of its kind in London with a number of further jobcentre and council co-locations due to take place across the UK in the near future.

Alison Chivers, Jobcentre Plus Partnership Manager said:

“The move to the Kingston Council premises will provide us with an excellent opportunity to work closer with our partners, while providing customers with access to the full range of jobcentre and local authority services under the same roof.

“The ‘one stop shop’ will create an improved experience for customers in a modern and welcoming environment, while proving cost effective for the taxpayer”.

Leader of the Council, Councillor Kevin Davis said:

“I’m extremely pleased to welcome Jobcentre Plus to the Guildhall site. This marks an important milestone in adapting and modernising the way council services are to be run; to provide an overall better user experience.

“The co-location has been achieved by making more effective use of the Guildhall site. Office space has been adapted and council staff are using digital technologies to work in a more agile way. This has increased the working capacity of the site and freed up the necessary space for JCP to move in.

“The financial benefits of the co-location are considerable and means valuable taxpayers’ money can be used on crucial services elsewhere.”

Job Centre Plus officially opened its doors on Monday 5 February 2018 and is welcoming customers to its new offices now.