Kingston celebrates inclusivity as 700 people granted British citizenship in 2017

Photo by Jane Alexander Wedding Photography

700 people have chosen to become a British citizen in Kingston in 2017, with 19 large ceremonies and a number of private ceremonies being held during the year.

Attending a citizenship ceremony and being presented with your British Naturalisation Certificate is the final step in the process of becoming a British citizen.

Cllr Julie Pickering, Mayor of the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames, said: 

“It’s a significant decision to change nationality, and the ceremony to officially become a British citizen is a momentous part of the journey. I’m proud to witness the events and have a part to play in such a defining moment. As Kingston continues to grow and thrive, we welcome those who decide to work, live or study in our Royal Borough.”

Citizenship ceremonies are held in the Council Chamber at Guildhall and are attended by the Mayor and other dignitaries.

Kingston Council has run a Nationality Checking Service since 2009. Over 1,000 applicants used the service in 2017, which is designed to help people applying for British citizenship. The paid for service ensures all forms are completed correctly and that the right documentation has been provided. Those that don’t live in the borough can also use the service and get professional support.

To find out more, visit our nationality checking service and citizenship ceremonies at Guildhallwebpages.