The coil: contraception you never have to remember not to forget

Kingston Council has launched a campaign encouraging women to think about their contraceptive needs, as part of a wider programme of sexual health promotion in the borough. 

The campaign builds on a previous successful campaign in 2016 that resulted in an increase of women taking up local contraceptive services.  It aims to highlight the benefits of using long-acting reversible contraception (LARC) including the coil.  These contraceptives, once fitted, do not need replacing for up to ten years - ‘contraception you never have to remember not to forget’.

Over the last few years health partners across the borough have been working together to increase access to sexual health services on offer.  As a result, there has been a year-on-year reduction in the borough’s rates of teenage pregnancy and abortion in Kingston. These rates are now both lower than the London and national averages.

In 2016, Kingston was ranked second out of the 33 London Authorities for the rate of LARC provision in GP practices, having been ranked fifth in 2015. This improvement means we are now equal to the national average.

Cllr Cathy Roberts, Kingston Council’s portfolio holder for health, said:

“Kingston has made great strides in improving unplanned pregnancy rates, and people accessing our sexual health services is on the rise. There are many misconceptions around the use of long acting contraceptives, such as the coil, and it is important that we promote its benefits.”

Coils, and other forms of long acting contraception, are fitted, or removed, by specially trained doctors or nurses at community sexual health clinics. This includes those at Hawks Road Clinic, Merritt Medical Centre and Hollyfield House. These services are offered throughout the week, and include a Saturday morning clinic in Surbiton. Many general practices and the Wolverton Centre for Sexual Health at Kingston Hospital can also offer coil fitting, alongside other contraception choices. 

Although the coil is a great option for long-term contraception, it is important to remember to use it alongside condoms to prevent contracting sexually transmitted diseases (STIs).

To find out more about the coil as a form of contraception or sexual health services in Kingston visit