Statement in response to the Greater London Authority’s (GLA) new house building targets released today

Today, the GLA has published borough housing targets that will be part of the new London Plan. The Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames is being asked to build 1,364 new homes per year.

Cllr Kevin Davis, Leader of the Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames, said: 

“Kingston is a borough keen to shape the growth of our population and support it with significant and appropriate infrastructure. The figures published by the Mayor today are about double our own estimates of housing need and therefore our initial response is huge scepticism as to their appropriateness for Kingston or the ability of the Mayor to deliver enough infrastructure to support them. Until we see the detail of how the Mayor has arrived at these enormous figures, it is difficult to comment further but we will be engaging with our residents and responding to the Mayor in due course.

“Creating ‘good growth’ is about creating ‘appropriate growth’ and ensuring that the quality of life of our existing residents is maintained. This is the test we will be applying to the Mayor’s figures.”

The draft London Plan is due to be published next month.