Kingston launches call for sites as borough plans for the future

Call for sites web

In a move to proactively manage Kingston’s successful growth, the council has launched a ‘Call for Sites’.

Kingston Council is asking individuals, developers or any interested parties to submit details of sites available for redevelopment over the next 20 years.

The sites can be any size or type, including occupied, vacant, derelict or on greenfield land. Proposals can be for any type of land use, including residential, commercial, retail, leisure, recreation or Gypsy and Traveller accommodation.

You do not need to own the site to submit it to the council.

Cllr David Cunningham, Cabinet Member with responsibility for Regeneration at Kingston Council, said: 

“This is a hugely important time for Kingston. We are creating our new Local Plan, which will guide development and put policies in place to ensure that any growth is appropriate for our Royal Borough. As part of this, and to make sure that we’re considering all aspects of Kingston and the land on offer, we are asking people to tell us which sites they think could be redeveloped.

“Once the survey closes in December, we will get to work and look at each site to see what the future of the land could hold. We’ll look at capacity, availability and what the most realistic and sustainable use for the site is. If, after full public consultation and testing, the site is suitable, then we will consider it for that purpose as part of the Local Plan.

“If you know of a site in the borough that we need to be looking at, tell us. Now is the opportunity to truly shape Kingston’s future together.”

Details of sites within the borough can be submitted to the council through an online form.

The Call for Sites will run until 5pm on Friday 29 December.

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