Unauthorised encampment - Meldone Close Car Park, Raeburn Open Space

The unauthorised encampment on Meldone Close Car Park, Raeburn Open Space have moved on.

The police issued a section 61 notice under the Criminal and Justice Public Order Act, requiring this group to move by 10 am Friday 5 October. Wandsworth Events Parks Police attended the unauthorised encampment on the evening of 4 October and have confirmed that the group of caravans and cars have left.

We are in the process of cleaning up the car park and expect it to be open to users early next week.

Please call the Customer Contact Centre on 0208 547 5002 or 0208 547 5800 (out of hours) for any environmental issues.

Criminal or anti social behaviour should be reported to Kingston Police if an emergency via 999 or otherwise through the 101 number.